How to Make Your Boiler As Efficient As Possible – Top Tips!

Ensuring that your boiler is energy efficient is one of the key factors in saving money on your annual energy costs. Other than cost reasons, you may be looking to improve boiler efficiency for environmental reasons. Old boilers one the traditional kind are much less efficient than the modern gas-condensing boilers. If your boiler is more than 10 years old, then that point is especially relevant. In fact, due to poor efficiency, Sedbuk estimates that the average additional cost of running an old-school boiler is £652, which is a considerable amount of money! But how can you make your boiler more efficient? Should you fix it, get a new one, or muddle around with the installation? Well, here are some top tips to get your boiler running as efficiently as possible:

  • Only use your boiler when you need it: The more often your boiler has to “fire-up”, the lower its lifespan begins to get, and the more you’ll end up spending on your annual energy costs (of course). However, many people believe that constantly keeping your heating on low is more efficient than turning it off and on, with the logic that there are less “fire-ups”. This, however, is a myth, and is not true, because the boiler regularly “fires up” when on. It is much more energy efficient to turn the boiler off when you’re not at home. A good idea would to be to set a timer, so that it only turns on during the hours that you’re usually about.
  • Book a boiler annual service: Sometimes, getting a professional to do the work for you may be just what you need to get the job done. Such a professional will be able to advise you on whether getting additional insulation and double-glazing may be worth it. If you do undergo this process, it will help your boiler to retain heat, and thus it will use up less energy. As a result, your efficiency will go up, and your costs will go down. There are a variety of other suggestions the professional may make, all depending on the location your boiler is stored, the size of your house, and other factors.
  • Concentrate your efforts in the rooms that you are using: Another idea to improve efficiency and keep costs down is to turn down the radiators in the rooms that you’re not using. This will focus the heating more in the rooms that you are using, preventing the need for an additional electric heater or something of the sorts. Electric heaters tend to be much more expensive to run than gas, so keep that in mind when considering using one.

Although the above three tips are some of the most important, the list is not exhaustive, as there are many other methods to increase boiler efficiency. If your boiler is broken, or you want to get a new one installed, check out Boiler Repairs and Installation in Poole, if you’re in the area.