Unconventional Yet Sure Ways to Double Your Home Value

If you consider getting a home equity loan houston texas, loan specialists will encourage you to upgrade your home for an increase in your home value. Increasing your home value requires effort, time, and money.  It is best then to have unique ideas that give you an edge. 

Here are unconventional yet sure ways to double your home value. 

The Walk-in Closet Dream

A walk-in closet is every lady’s wish and a gentleman’s goal. You can renovate the room beside your bedroom, or maybe reconstruct your bathroom to make space for the closet. Remember that it does not have to be anything grand or fancy. It just needs to have ample storage for clothes, shoes, and accessories but far from a standard clothes cabinet. A walk-in closet must allow you to move around comfortably.  Voila! You have already upgraded your home.

Additional tip: Paint the walls using light colors. You may also add a full-body mirror for a complete look.

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Entertainment At Its Best

If you have an attic or basement, you can double your house value by turning it into an entertainment room. All you need to do is add carpet, soundproofing materials, a couch, air conditioning, and your entertainment of choice.

You may go for gaming equipment or create a mini theater for movie nights with your kids. If the budget permits, upgrade the couch into lazy boy seats for the ultimate comfort. Ensure that your air conditioning works well, too. Since most of the entertainment rooms are enclosed spaces due to the acoustics, the ventilation too should be actively working.  This option may be quite expensive, but it is a sure way to increase the value of your home.

Additional tip: Make sure to put enough ventilation to the entertainment room. Also, ensure that all pipes, if any, are water-sealed to avoid any leaks. It will prevent any mold formation in the future.

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Invest in Books

You can never go wrong with books. Invest in creating a library in your home. It can also double as your home office. Provide shelves, cabinets, a table, and comfortable chairs. Alternatively, you may go for a couch or bean bags for a cozy mood. Make sure to add proper lighting for a better reading experience. 

Additional tip: You may opt for bold colors to paint the walls for a modern vibe. Choose bright colors like sunny yellow, ocean blue, or mint green. But, if you prefer a vintage feel, putting a fireplace is your best option.

Final Thought

Creating a space for personal well-being, like a walk-in closet, or an area to unwind, such as a library and entertainment room, will surely increase your home value. It may even open an opportunity to apply for a home equity loan houston texas